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Surrounding Sant Antoni from la Pobla de Segur to Salàs de Pallars

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Surrounding Sant Antoni from la Pobla de Segur to Salàs de Pallars

Bordeando Sant Antoni de la Pobla de Segur a Salàs de Pallars

The journey around the reservoir of Sant Antoni connects the towns of Salàs and La Pobla de Segur with Sant Joan de Vinyafrescal. It’s a tour of 6,75 km adapted for senderism and bikes.
The itinerary starts at La Pobla de Segur around the Train Station, a holiday place. W ego across the cliff of Puigmanyons using the metallic bridge towards the water treatment plant, we keep going until we get in front of house Violí, where the path keeps going around the reservoir giving access to several bathing areas.

If we want to go to Sant Joan de Vinyafrescal, we can cross the rail road track and the road using an underpass.
We continue the journey trough the shore of the reservoir until we get to the oakwood of Sindreu. Here, there was located a former sawmill which produced timber from the trees that they cut on the forest of Boumort and transported it using floating platforms to cross the reservoir of Sant Antoni.

At this point the itinerary runs parallel to the road C-13 crossing the cliff of Solà to, again, go deep between the rail road and the reservoir going past the old station of Salàs, where we can find several access to the bath zone, until the cliff of Sant Pere, which we will also cross through a metallic bridge.

At this point, the path goes next to the shore until we get to Salàs Station and the Piolet, where during the summer there is a restaurant bar and they organize water sports and adventure sports.
If we want to arrive to Salàs, we have to cross the road through a flyover and walk the old way to Tremp.


Epicentre - Centre de Visitants del Pallars Jussà

Passeig del Vall, 13

25620 Tremp

Tel.: 973 653 470


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