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Train of the lakes

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Train of the lakes


A different way of exploring our territory is by train with the Train of the Lakes, which connects Lleida and la Pobla de Segur, following the tracks that first made this route back in 1951. Comfortably sitting you will enjoy an exceptionally beautiful landscape, from the Lleida Plain to the Pallars Jussà. History and a landscape made of fruit trees, churches, castles and lakes are awaiting!

Timetables and fares

Timetables and fares - historic train

Timetables and fares - conventional train

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One day trip:

- Gift Pack

- Pallar's Products Tasting

- Montcortès... The last lake

- The light of the Vall Fosca

- La Pobla Walking Tour

- Old Shops Museum

Weekend trip:

- Nostalgic Pallars

- The Deer's Rut

- Pack 99

- Mur Castle

- Groups Especial

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