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Starlight Reserve - The Montsec Astronomy Park

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Starlight Reserve - The Montsec Astronomy Park

UNESCO Starlight Reserve - The Montsec Astronomy Park


Starlight Reserve

The Montsec range, located in the Catalan pre-Pyrenees, has exceptional conditions for observing the night sky and the stars. Its weather conditions and its low light pollution have made the area worth of a Starlight Reserve certificate, awarded by the Starlight Foundation and endorsed by the UNESCO.

Starlight literally means “the light emanating from the stars”, to enjoy it a clear and dark sky is needed, one of the most valued treasures. Far from big urban areas, the peaceful Montsec range and its sky were evaluated, in 2012, through astronomic and tourist audit processes established by the Starlight Foundation. The result is the certification of the Montsec sky as Starlight Tourist Destination in twenty-four municipalities, of which eleven are also certified as a Starlight Reserve.

In the Pallars Jussà, the six Starlight municipalities are: Tremp, Castell de Mur, Isona i Conca Dellà, Gavet de la Conca, Llimiana and Sant Esteve de la Sarga.

The Montsec Astronomy Park

The Parc Astronòmic Montsec (MontsecAstronomyPark) is a tool to develop scientific research and outreach activities in the field of astronomy and landscape. Here you can enjoy the Eye of Montsec, an exceptional multimedia digital planetarium and a platform for sky observation. It boasts a 12-metre diameter dome for an exceptional observation in clear nights.

The Park has been admitted as a Tourist Destination by the Starlight initiative, linked with Unesco. A Starlight Destination is a place committed to the protection of the night skies and the access to starlight, with the aim to guarantee the quality of the sky and the associated values. 


You can check the schedule of Montsec Astronomical Park on the following link:

Montsec Astronomy Park Timetable 2017


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Parc Astronòmic Montsec

Camí del Coll d'Ares, s/n

25691 Àger (Lleida)

Tel.: 973 053 022 - 973 455 246



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Parc astronòmic del Montsec
Parc astronòmic del Montsec
Parc astronòmic del Montsec