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Natural Viewpoints

Miradors naturals

Viewpoint at Llimiana

Wonderful viewpoint over the spectacular panorama of the whole Noguera Pallaresa basin until it breaches the Montsec massif through the Terradets gorge.

Viewpoint at Claverol

Wonderful viewpoint over the spectacular panorama of the Sant Antoni reservoir and the high summits of Manyanet mountain and the Vall Fosca.

Viewpoint at Claret

Wonderful views over the Tremp basin and the course of the river Noguera Pallaresa.

Capdella’s viewpoint

Located along the road, this spot allows you to admire the way the valley gets open to the south. The site of the viewpoint has also got an area with some tables, benches, barbecue and fountain. From the viewpoint, it is worth walking up to the Romanesque church of Sant Vicenç de Capdella (12th century), declared Cultural Heritage of National Interest. The different routes that start from there can take you to Filià, Port de Rus or La Central de Capdella.

Beranui’s viewpoint

Located just in front of Sant Joan’s church, on the highest point in the village, it allows you to enjoy the views of La Pobleta de Bellveí, Estavill, Antist, Castell-estaó, Astell, Obeix, Aguiró and La Plana de Mont-ros. This is also the starting point of different hiking routes to Antist, La Plana de Mont-ros and La Pobleta de Bellveí, through the Serraspina mountain and the village of Envall.

Virgin of Fa’s viewpoint

To get here, take the track that starts in Espui and turn round to Filià through the chapel of the Virgin of Fa or through the old path that goes from Espui and takes you to the viewpoint or the chapel in one hour. Enjoy the views to the north of the valley, to the peaks of Montsent de Pallars, Peguera, L’Espasa or Coll del Triador, and, at the very end, to the villages of La Central de Capdella and Capdella.

Obeix’s viewpoint

Located along the road, this point allows you to see the villages of La Coma (Paüls de Flamisell, Mont-ros and Pobellà) and some of the southern part (La Plana de Mont-ros, Beranui, Castell-estaó and Antist). Just behind, going up a path, very close to the viewpoint, you will find Sant Cristau’s chapel, made of stone, with really spectacular views. Obeix is the starting point of two hiking routes to Castell-estaó and one to La Coscona, on the L-503 road, between Molinos and La Plana de Mont-ros.

Sant Quiri’s viewpoint

To get there, you need to follow the track that goes uphill from the village of Pobellà. Apart from the viewpoint of Estany Gento’s terrace –the arrival point of Vall Fosca’s cable car, 2,200 metres above sea level–, this is the highest viewpoint in the area. The viewpoint is just next to Sant Quiri’s chapel, whose pilgrimage takes place in June.

Castell-estaó’s viewpoint

Stuck to the village of Castell-estaó, this is the arrival point of the trailing route that comes from La Plana de Mont-ros before crossing the Eureka mine as well as of the routes that come from Obeix and Antist. From here, you can see the sunlit villages of Astell, Obeix and Aguiró as well as La Plana de Mont-ros and Beranui, at the end of the valley.

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