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The Pallars Jussà in one of the regions in the country with a bigger fauna diversity. This is due to the variety of landscapes in the territory and their features. What makes our region special, though, is that it is probably the best place for wildlife viewing.

Throughout the region it is easy to watch the more representative carrion birds and birds of prey, such as the vulture, the Egyptian vulture, the golden eagle, the Bonelli’s eagle and the bearded vulture. Most remarkable mammals you will get to see being a bit lucky are the fox, the marten, the badge, the deer, the chamois, the roe deer, the fallow deer and the wild boar. Regarding aquatic animals, you will find them throughout the region, due to the large amount of rivers, lakes and reservoirs. You can find the Pyrenean brook salamander, the grass frog, the trout or the otter.


Valley of the Vultures Route

Interesting route to watch the country's most impressive carrion birds and birds of prey.

The deer's roar

This spectacle of nature con be experienced in our region during the months of September and October.

Butterflies at the Terradets reservoir

The interpretive route that has been created around the Terradets reservoir will let you know first hand the native butterflies during a calm stroll.

The Bats cave

Located in the municipality of Llimiana, this is one of the caves with a highest population of bats in our country. 


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