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La Carreta

La Carreta


La Carreta offers a sustainable mobility service for the surroundings of the reservoir of Sant Antoni and the Reserva de Boumort, making it known that it is the Natura 2000 Network, along with the protection and conservation of the culture and nature of the territory.
It also offers the municipalities of the region, its town councils and associations, an interpretative and cooperative activity, of social economy, to complement tradition, culture, nature and sustainable mobility, fairs, parties and other events.


-Ecotour by the sources of St. Cornelius
Prices: adult € 9, children under 7 € 7, groups 7-10 p. € 59

-Exotour of the Truffle
* with visit to the plantation. Prices: adult € 12, children under 7 € 9, groups 7-10 p. € 69
* with visit to the plantation and tasting. Price: adult € 27 (minimum group 4 p.)
(the tasting of truffles is limited to the months of December, January, February and March)

-Ecotour with the Car and the FGC train
Prices: € 10 adult, under 7 years € 7, (minimum group of 6 p.)

-Geotour tourist with La Carreta
Prices: adult € 19, children under 7 € 9 (minimum 4 p.)

For more information visit the website of La Carreta, ecotours.
Consult cooperative actions with entities and associations.


La Carreta

25518 Aramunt

Tel: 691 545 931 - 630 687 839



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