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Guided tours from the accommodation

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Guided tours from the accommodation

Guided tours from the accommodation


If you are staying at one of the hotels or rural guest houses of our region, you have the chance of using their guidance services through some of the most interesting trails of the region.


Come and hike at Pallars Jussà

The Rural Tourism Association of the Pallars Jussà region has set up this interesting initiative, which will let the guests of the member accommodations discover the best spots of the regions with a local guide. It consists of a whole day or half day visits at reduced fares, also open to other visitors at a regular fare.

Associació Cases de Pagès del Pallars Jussà

Tel.: 973 661 787

Free guided routes for the guests of Hotel Terradets

Every Wednesday and Saturday the guests of our hotel can enjoy a hiking outing with local specialised guides, which will help them interpret every natural element of the hotel surroundings.

Hotel Terradets

Tel.: 973 650 350

La Flor de Casa Leonardo: circular routes from Senterada

Like the four petals of a flower, this proposal consists of four different circular routes departing from the rural guest house Casa Leonardo. Each route has its own map with all the details, and a GPS device is offered for free to follow the route through the corresponding tracks. Routes are prepared to accomplish a geocaching game and to prove all the path has been walked.

Casa Leonardo

Tel.: 973 661 787


Epicentre - Centre de Visitants del Pallars Jussà

Passeig del Vall, 13

25620 Tremp

Tel.: 973 653 470