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La Guixa

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La Guixa


On Shrove Tuesday the Guixa festival is celebrated in the town of Isona. During the morning, the Guixa is cooked over the fire.

The Guixa is a stew made with pork, noodles, chickpeas, pumpkin, rice and beans. The ingredients are collected the previous Saturday around the town in the traditional “plega”. A decorated float parades around the village followed by dressed up children who ask for the ingredients at the houses. The people contributes giving some ingredients or small amounts of money to cover the costs of the festival.

The same morning, the school children visit the cooking, and when the stew is ready, it is eaten together by all the population at the town hall square. The fire used for the stew is also used to grill sausages which will be eaten with the stew.

In the evening there is a costume ball.


Ajuntament d'Isona i Conca Dellà

Plaça Bisbe Badia, 1

25650 Isona

Tel.: 973 664 008



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La Guixa
La Guixa
La Guixa