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Guàrdia Castle

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Guàrdia Castle

Castell de Guàrdia


This castle has a very simple architectural structure. It has a walled area, with a nave plan with a single gate to the south. The main element is the magnificent round freestanding tower placed at the eastern area of the castle.

The main purpose of this construction was to provide the Mur Castle with visual control over the Terradets gorge.


First documents mentioning the castle are from 1012. It is known the castle was enfeoffed to Arnau Mir de Tost, who left it to his daughter Valença, wife of Ramón V de Pallars, in 1702. It kept the royal condition until the 19th century.


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Castell de Guàrdia
Castell de Guàrdia
Castell de Guàrdia