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Parc de les Olors de Claverol

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Parc de les Olors de Claverol


This AromaPark is an alternative leisure space to combine fun with knowledge and where visitors can see, smell, touch and taste about 60 different species of aromatic, medicinal and culinary herbs in a quiet open-air environment.

This is an experience to enjoy with the whole family, including the younger ones.

The Parc de les Olors de Claverol is part of the Aroma Parks network, aimed at disseminating and creating products related to aromatic, medicinal and culinary herbs, following a sustainable rural development model. The network gathers different parks around Catalonia, each of them located in  places with a scenic interest. Each park has an emblematic herb, which in our case is the winter savory.


  • School trips under request
  • Guided tours, workshops and courses
  • Plants for sale
  • Company events
  • Artistic activities
  • Concerts
  • Events


Parc de les Olors

25517 Claverol

Tel.: 610 424 490




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Parc de les Olors
Parc de les Olors